Cook it Forward

McCormick and teamed up to create a short video series promoting McCormick's new line of Gourmet Seasoning Mixes, and they brought me in to produce them.  It's a reality/ documentary style series called Cook it Forward featuring Allrecipes members, each of whom tries out one of the recipe packets and then teaches the recipe to another member. 

It's always a little hit or miss working with non-professional talent, but the ladies all did great and it was a fun 3 days of shooting.  Below is episode 3 out of 3.  Episode 1 can be found here, and Episode 2 here.  And below are some photos from the shoot, courtesty of Valerie Brunmeier one of the stars of episodes 2 & 3, and a food blogger at Valerie's Kitchen.

We shot these on a pair of Sony EX1's.  Me on the left, Erik Dinnel on the right. 

Our two rock star food stylists, Jean and Bridget.

Someone's gotta eat it.

Blue Nile - Are You Man Enough?

I had a fun shoot for Seattle based online-jeweler Blue Nile a couple weeks back and here is the result!  Visit their facebook page for more on the contest.  

And a big thank you to Sam Kellet, who did a great job as our host character.  I bet you didn't expect to get called back to Seattle for acting gigs when you ran off to LA did you Sam?!  I worked with Sam on this mockmentary a couple years ago and thought of him immediately after reading this script.

Trip to Bainbridge Island

I have a habit of taking video on trips, and then never editing them or posting them.  But not this time!  I took a short trip to Bainbridge Island and Bremerton earlier this week, and brought my new Sony EX1 along to get some more practice with it.  Beach shots are at Fay Bainbridge State Park.  Ferry footage is from the trip home on the Bremerton -> Seattle Ferry.

Used Final Cut Pro's built in SmoothCam filter on a bunch of the ferry shots, sine the ground was vibrating the whole time.  Worked wonders on most of them but at least one of the shots has some weird jigglyness as a result.