I'm a Seattle based freelance video producer specializing in web-video and documentary production.  Whenever I tell people that I am a video producer, I always get the same response -- what does that mean exactly?  If I just read your mind, click here for an explanation, or keep reading for some background on how I approach my work.

I'm a person who has always had an eye for authenticity.  Whether it's in the company I keep, the food I eat, or the work I do, I'm always aware of what feels 'real' to me, and what doesn't. 

In the past, producing a video meant creating an illusion piece by piece in front of the camera.  The production process was clunky and cumbersome, not to mention expensive, and everything was scripted down to the finest detail.  This worked for a while and still has it's place in today's world, but my style of video production is very different. 

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.00.55 PM.png

My style is smaller, simpler, and it's more authentic.  

If you're looking at my website you probably have a story to tell and you're trying to figure out how to break through the clutter of all the content that's being thrown up online every day.  As I see it, you have two options; you can break through with a big budget extravaganza with actors, special effects and stunt men.  Or you can be authentic to yourself and your brand.

This all sounds very abstract, I'm sure, but take a look at some of my work and see for yourself how I take big ideas and big brand-stories, and tell them in a smaller-scale way that feels authentic, because it is authentic. 

If you like what you hear or are curious about how my style would fit in with your project, please give me a shout via the contact page.  Iā€™d be happy to hear your ideas and see if we can get the ball rolling on your video!