AllrecipesBanner3.jpg first came to me in 2010.  Back then they had a nondescript office in SODO (right behind a Burger King) and their video 'department' was all of one person.  Since then they've moved on up to swanky new offices above Westlake Park, they have a studio kitchen in First Hill where they crank out how-to videos on a daily basis, and they continue to invest in new shows.  Thankfully, they still think I'm worth keeping around and they've become one of my longest term and most consistent clients. 

The show that started it all ... "What's Cooking?"  The aforementioned one-person video department that Allrecipes had back in 2010 was Michael Ketchum, the host of this show.  He and I traveled around the country shooting these, I think we did close to 50 total.  This is the Austin Texas episode.  See the rest here.

Below are a few other shows I've produced for them over the past few years.