FAR FROM HOME // 2016 // 4 minutes

Directed by David Albright // Written by & Featuring Rafael Soldi // Edited by Alex Berry & David Albright 

"Over the years life’s gravity pulled us apart, allowing me to create this space in which I exist fully as my true self, but over time this same force has pushed me back home. Just as the moon pulls an entire ocean, my own tide pulled me away to grow and now pushes me back to see the world in a new light."

Thousands of miles from his childhood home in Lima Peru, Rafael Soldi has a built a new life for himself in Seattle. In this short film directed by David Albright, Rafael explores the divide he’s created between himself and his one-time home, as well as that between his physical home and his work. 

April 28, 2016

Far From Home featured on art & design blog, We And the Color!  

From their website " WE AND THE COLOR was founded by Dirk Petzold in 2010 as a project dedicated to promote the most outstanding creative ideas of artists and designers from around the world."  

November 14, 2015

A few weeks ago we got to present 'Far From Home' at JAKE Talks, a short film by @david_in_seattle and myself.

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Far From Home Debuts at the "JAKE Talks: Home" event.

JAKE was  conceived to spotlight the voices of speakers, artsits, & thought-leaders who are lesbian, gay and transgender that can intimately speak to the unique cultural experiences we celebrate as a community.