This is one episode of Welcome World Cuisine, a series that I co-produced with Erik Dinnel, for  Allrecipes wanted a show that focused on international cuisine.  We came up with this concept of simultaneously teaching a recipe and interviewing a chef who could speak to the cultural significance of the dish while sharing their tips, secrets and stories. 

A co-branded project with Kahlúa &  They wanted a series of videos to promote Kahlúa's seasonal flavor, Pumpkin Spice, that utilized some of Allrecipes' users.  I came up with this format, a combination of documentary style, and step-by-step recipe instruction, that allowed the Allrecipes users to be themselves and speak in their own words while still highlighting the product and showcasing a recipe.

A video documenting the Patrón Secret Dining Society's Seattle event, with a menu created by renown chefs Ben Closson and Holly Smith and Mixologist Mark Sexauer.

State of Food Illinois, a travel/ food show highlighting the range of foods that can be found across Illinois.