In the past few years I've become really fascinated with Japan and I've shot a few videos over there.  Some for clients, and some for myself.  This first one is a compilation of footage that I shot on my most recent trip in November 2012.  I chaperoned my grandparents over there to visit some relatives, so you'll see them make a few cameos.

On that same trip, my friend and frequent collaborator Erik Dinnel and I also shot a couple of episodes of our cooking show, Welcome World Cuisine.  On the left is an episode we shot at an izakaya in a small town called Agamachi, and on the right is one that we shot at a little hole in the wall Yakisoba restaurant off a back alley in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

I was also over there in 2011 when the big earthquake hit that caused the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear crisis.  The day after the disaster we were scheduled to shoot five videos on how to make sushi.  We were up in Agamachi, a small town in the mountains, so we were pretty far from any damage but we were definitely glued to the TV all day as the reports came in and we started realizing the extent of what happened.  On the left is some behind the scenes footage from that day (ending with an ill-fated sake bomb attempt), and on the right is one of the sushi videos that we shot.