We absorb information best through storytelling, because it’s one of the most universally human traits that exist. Our entire life's story is really just series of experiences and interactions that we process into the narrative that we perceive as our reality. That’s why, as a product marketer, you have the opportunity to connect those dots between your satisfied customers, your product, and your future customers. A successful client testimonial video will do just that.  

David doesn’t just produce our videos — he brings our stories to life. He has a knack for telling the Limeade story, through the voice of our customers, in a way that’s polished and professional but also relatable and authentic. He’s a creative and sharp brand thinker and a fun person to work with.
— Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade
David is fantastic and one of my favorite people to work with. He’s a skilled storyteller, capable of distilling complex and technical concepts into concise, powerful and visually beautiful stories. If you want high quality video results, I highly recommend working with David.
— Mike Merwin, Director of Communications, Liquid Planner 

Nobody knows your product better than your customers, and each customer has their own unique experience with it.  These stories are going to be invaluable in selling your product.  

Let’s tell that story.