Apple, you're forgiven.

A is for Apple. A is for Apple.

I was starting to get a little down on Apple after a customer service rep butchered my mailing address, almost sending my laptop to Tacoma.  And then when it got here it was having trouble reading my Office 2008 install DVDs (I'll just blame that on Microsoft).  But then yesterday I got a call from an Apple Customer Rep and he apologized for the error, and then offered to send me an 8GB ipod touch for free.  OK fine Apple, you're forgiven.

Now my problem is deciding whether or not to actually use it, since I already have a blackberry.  The ipod touch is obviously better for internet browsing, and it'll be better for calendar and contacts since I can sync it easier with my mac, but how many gadgets can I really carry around with me at all times?  I guess there's worse problems to have...

Happy New Year!