Hope Art at STIFF

Seattle True Indepedent Film Festival 2009 Seattle True Indepedent Film Festival 2009

Hope Art will be screening at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival on Friday June 5, at 6:15 along with 5 other short films, at the Jewel Box Theater in Belltown.  Hope Art is the only Non-Fiction piece in the showing and I can't decide if that's a good thing or not.  On the one hand it'll stand out since it's the only doc, but that also means it'll be showing to a room full of people who many not be that in to docs.  But I'm still really excited about it, it'll be my first public showing in Seattle.

The Hope Art page on the STIFF site allows reviews... so if you've seen Hope Art, go write me up good a review!

By the time Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle was covered in Obama Art. 'Hope Art,' takes a look at this phenomenon from the perspective of the artists, but also digs deeper to ask what this proliferation of Obama art means about the neighborhood. Are they merely displaying their support for their candidate, or are they being too quick to memorialize a president who hasn't even had the chance to prove himself?

DIRECTED BY David Albright, MUSIC BY Colin Short, PRODUCED IN ASSOCATION WITH the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog FEATURING Jen Graves – Art Writer for the Stranger, Spike Mafford – Photographer, Shelly Farnham – Artist, Damion Hayes – Currator, BLVD Gallery, Kate Stineback – Capitol Hill Housing