YouTube Rippers

UPDATE 6/29/09: I've started posting videos to the Storms Official Youtube account, so people won't have any reason to rip off crappy versions any more... 


Just discovered that someone on youtube has been ripping videos (off my personal website, and off the Storms website) and postingthem on youtube.  I wouldn't mind if I were credited, and if the videos didn't look like CRAP, but I'm not and they do.

I'm all about freely sharing content... all my personal videos are licensed under the Creative Commons, as opposed to full copyright, but it's only fair to credit whoever made the content you're sharing.  The Doppler & Sue Bird skit is only available one place online, the Storm's Video page.  The version on there ends with "Shot and Edited by David Albright," but this guy went through the extra trouble of cutting off the credit at the end of his ripped version of the video.  WHY?!

It also baffles me why you'd go through the trouble of posting something that looks SO BAD, what is that video like 2 frames per second?

So people... feel free to share my videos. EverythingI have online is fully embeddable to make it easy for you to share it. But please, don't try and do screen captures of my videos if you don't know how to do it correctly, and definitely do not crop off the credit at the end of the video. No one is going to believe that you made it yourself anyways.