Top 3 Storm Videos - 2015

Another season come and gone - This was definitely an interesting one, with lots of new energy both on the court and behind the scenes.  Here are a few of my favorite videos from the season --

Eye on the Storm - Episode 5: A Rookie Finds Her Footing  

In one of many firsts for the season, I finally got a player out in the real world for a shoot!  We took Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis out to Greenlake Park with Assistant Coach Ryan Webb, at sunset of course.  Thank you to Andre Mascarenhas for the drone shots. 

Between Two Birds - Episode 2: Ramu Tokashiki

More of that new energy I was talking about... Ramu Tokashiki was a ton of fun despite not speaking any English.  And big props to Matt Heuer of 3 Point Productions who was the mastermind of Between Two Birds, and to Sue Bird for taking the concept and running with it! Who knew she had such great comedic timing (well, we all did).   

Raise Your Voice - Jennifer Hopper

This is far from your typical sports narrative... but it was a powerful story that I was honored to help tell.  And it was pretty cool that it all tied back in with one of my favorite Storm memories, the come from behind with vs LA in the 2009 playoffs.