Deb Manuma

Deb Manuma in Flyp Media Deb Manuma in Flyp Media

I interviewed Deb Manuma last Saturday for flyp media.  She is the woman from the PI Article a couple of weeks ago, who was being kicked out of the rental home that was being foreclosed on, even though she always paid rent on time and had been living there for 6 years.

Turns out she found a new place to live, and has made it her personal mission to raise awareness about renters rights issues.  She's even been invited down to Olympia some time this session to tell her story to the legislature.

Here's the link to her article/ interview that I shot, she is on page 3.

For anyone out there who knows about media law/ etiquette... Since flyp hired me to do this interview, I waited until the flyp article was released to post this update on Deb on here.  I knew that flyp wasn't going to use the part about her getting a new house, they just wanted her back story which was already written about in the PI article above.  Could I have posted the update right away, or should I have waited?  I am the one that found Deb, and arranged the interview.