Eye on the Storm

I'm really excited about this Storm season, not only because it's my SIXTH (!!!) season with the team, but also because we're producing a behind-the-scenes documentary series Eye on the Storm, and it's been a ton of fun to produce. 

In the past my work for the Storm has been mostly entertainment and event focused, but this season we're going all-in on the basketball story.  There's a place for the silly skits (and we're still doing a few), but the story of the team, and especially the players, is really what the fans are there to see, so I'm excited to be able to focus on that this season. 

New episodes will air during our broadcast halftimes, and of course on stormbasketball.com and the Storm's youtube channel.  Here's a playlist of all episodes to-date.

Oh, and then there was this...

I didn't prompt her to say that, she brought it up on her own I swear!  She was referring to the Intro Video on opening night.

Mike McGinn Interview

It was a really exciting and optimistic time when Mike McGinn was elected as the Mayor of Seattle in 2009, with his election following shortly after Obama's swearing in (remember how excited we were about that one?!).

His urbanist positions on density, bike improvements and transit are exactly what we need in Seattle and are what a majority of Seattleites say they support.  So I have never understood why, even in liberal Seattle, so many people become anti-density, anti-bike and anti-transit when it comes time for real-world implementation.  I thought that McGinn's take on this would be interesting to hear, as someone who more than anyone else right now, personifies urbanism in Seattle.

So, yesterday I asked Dominic Holden, the smart and telegenic (a rare combo for journalists in Seattle) News Editor at The Stranger, to interview him on this topic at my studio.  It's still up for debate what form this project will take, because it all came together really quickly (I didn't think he'd say yes when I asked for an interview!).  So stay tuned for updates and let me know if you have any suggestions for relevant articles, interviews, people, ideas, etc that I should be aware of.

Below is a behind the scenes look at the shoot, in the form of a pop-up video.

"Drawn to Seattle" at MOHAI

A few years ago I produced a video for the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog on Gabriel Campanario AKA Seattle Sketcher, whose sketches appear in his column for the Seattle Times. Then, a few months ago I got a call from the Museum of History and Industry, asking to use my video in an exhibit of Campanario's work. Of course I said yes. The exhibit, "Drawn to Seattle," opened on Dec 21 and runs through May 26.

The video is below, and to the left are some photos I took at the Member Reception for the exhibit. That's me shooting in the sketch on the left!

The new MOHAI is great by the way, I definitely recommend visiting if you haven't been yet (preferably before May 26!)

I Love My Bike Book

Just over a year ago, I went out and shot this "I Love My Bike Book" video for CHS.  It was completely spur of the moment, I saw Justin's tweet about these guys being down at Cal Anderson so I went down and shot for an hour or so, and then had the video up the same day. 

Since then the video has been all over the place, instead of the usual spike in views for a couple days and then quick drop-off, this one has been pretty consistent over the past year.  I don't know if I'd say it's gone viral but it's definitely made a lot of appearances on various blogs and bike forums and as of today has over 5,000 views. 

Anyways... the Book is out!  I just got my free copy in the mail, and the publisher, San Fransisco's Chronicle Books, is featuring my video.  So go check it out! 

CHS Wins Best Hyperlocal News Site Award

CHS (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog), has been selected by the Society of Professional Journalists as the best hyperlocal news site in the Pacific Northwest.  Although it's been a while since my last post I've been pretty regularly producing videos for the site for the past year and a half.  Congrats to editor Justin Carder who runs the site and produces most of the content.  And I'd like to think the videos maybe had a little something to do with it too!

Here's a video about CHS that I made way back in December 08.

Big Box Ban in Bellingham

I just got a youtube message bringing to my attention the fact that Bellingham is considering partially lifting it's ban on Big Box stores.  I think it'd be too bad if they reversed themselves so quickly after creating the ban, but at least it wouldn't be lifted without conditions.  I made this video in 2007 when the ban was first put in place, but wanted to re-surface it now that the topic is up for debate again...  I was doing videography for the city council meetings on BTV10 at the time so I watched the whole debate unfold in excrutiating detail.  Believe it or not I actually found that job really interesting (most of the time) and would jump at the chance to do it again... call me Seattle Channel! 

Open Reporting on CHS

BookstoresBanner2 I'm trying something new over on CHS.  I'm currently working on a story for them about the closure of Bailey Coy and the future of Bookstores in general in Capitol Hill and beyond.  Instead of just collecting all the interviews and b-roll and then editing it down to a 5-10 minute feature to show publicly... I'm going to be putting almost all of the content on CHS as I shoot it.  I put up my interview with owner Michael Wells a couple weeks ago, and I just put up some interviews and footage I shot at the wake last night.  I have some more interviews and shoots to go, which I'll also be posting, then eventually I'll be editing it together into a traditional longer form piece. Why am I doing this?  Well for one, putting together a video feature takes a lot a long time, but the blog format of CHS favors fast turnaround, short and to the point content.  Lately I've been kind of struggling to answer the question... Am I documentary director, or a video journalist?  I guess if I'm asking the question I must be somewhere in between.  So doing this kind of 'open reporting' allows me to be a part of the real-time journalistic conversation, but also lets me make the longer form, higher production value documentary shorts that I really love doing.  Also, with documentaries, there ends up being a ton of content that doesn't make the cut and is usually never seen.  This is a way of getting all that content out there for those that really want to get deeper into the subject. Posting the content like this will give viewers the chance to follow along with the story as I'm developing it, and I'm hoping that'll allow them to contribute ideas that can make it into the final documentary.   I'm hoping that viewers might suggest additional interviews to conduct, questions to ask, or even new ideas that could take the story in a whole new direction.
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