Advertise on CHS-V

Starting today you can buy ads on CHS-V through CHS's ad service.  New CHS-V videos are consistently some of the most viewed stories on CHS, both because of the CHS traffic, but also because they're often linked to and embeded by other sites like Seattle PIThe Stranger, and many others.  This means if you advertise on CHS-V, your ad will reach far beyond just CHS.  So what are you waiting for Seattle businesses?!

Advertise on CHS! Advertise on CHS!

Side note -  I don't love the idea of having advertising on screen at the same time as my video.  But this is the best way we could think of to a) give the advertiser good placement, and b) not make the viewer have to sit through an ad to get to the video.  Obviously I would prefer to have post-roll ads, but who honestly sits through those... if the video is over, you can just go on to something else.  Pre-roll ads are just annoying and I would never use them*,  so I thought this was a good compromise.  Plus as long as it's local businesses ads it's not so obnoxious as a Clorox ad or something.  Since I shoot widescreen, I just have to move the image down in the frame to make room for the ad, rather than actually placing the ad over part of the image.

*This is not legally binding, so don't hold me to it.