Making of Dance Troupe & All Decade Team

Just got back from my trip to Sun Lakes today. Came back to find two more of my videos up on the Storm site. The first is of the Dance Troupe Auditions, which were the first thing I shot for the Storm this year, before I even knew if I had the contract for the season. I had 4 hours of footage because the plan was to make a series out of it with at least 3 episodes, one for each round of auditions, but it ended up being just one video.  It was annoying to have so much footage for such a short video, but it did give me the luxury of using only the best of the best shots and sound bites.  I was going for a reality show style and I think it turned out pretty well for the most part... although I didn't get as many good "confessional" type sound bites out of the kids as I would've liked to.

The next one is a video that Erik edited. This video announced for the first time the 10 members of the Storm's All-Decade Team, at the game on July 9th. This is the one that was supposed to play on ESPN2... but they didn't end up using it.