Seattle Storm season 2015 is underway, and it's shaping up to be a pretty fun season. We have a really young team, a new coach and lots of interesting personalities.  Notably we have Ramu Tokashiki, a rookie out a Japan who is kind of like our own Ichiro.  The Japanese media that come to cover her more than doubles the number of media that show up to our games.  

Ramu Tokashiki talking to the (mostly) Japanese media. 

I am producing our behind the scene's series Eye on the Storm again this season... here is the preview that ran for episode 1. Watch the full episode here

And here's the intro video that plays before tip-off.  I finally got to do a shoot with the players on the court, which I've been trying to do for years!   A bunch of the shots are in here; 

Top 3 Brian Agler Videos

Storm Head Coach Brian Agler just announced he's leaving to coach the LA Sparks... so here's a look back the top 3 moments in Brian's acting career while with the Storm.  Good luck in LA Brian!  We'll miss your dry humor and deadpan delivery.

#3: Many people don't realize Brian is probably more active on twitter than most of our players... and was always documenting whatever weird stuff we were making him do on Media Day.     Skip to :22 for Brian.

#2: Playing Ben Stein in a Movie Magic -- the perfect Movie Magic for him.

#1: Obviously, it's the Stanky Legg.  He had no idea what he was doing when he did it, but he ended up creating fodder for an entire season and championship run, in this media day interview when we asked him his favorite dance move. 

Top 3 Storm Videos of 2014

This was definitely a big year of change at the Storm, my sixth season producing all their video content.  But as always it went by in a flash and now it's over!  Here are my three favorite videos from the season.  

#3 - Community Practice at the Nisqually Youth Center

Usually these event recap videos don't get anywhere near my top videos of the year list… but this one was different.  There was so much excitement in the gym that everyone there was instantly in a good mood, and it was cool to see so much excitement about the WNBA from the Native American community... more on that below.

#2 - #stormselfie

Not much to say about this one… it was just fun.  

#1 - Eye on the Storm: An Incredible Journey

This series got it's own post at the start of the season, so read that for some background.  But this episode, "An Incredible Journey," was my favorite for a couple reasons.  First was Karen Bryant.  The Storm is about so many more things than just basketball and that's mostly attributable to Karen Bryant, so I was really glad I could help her tell her story as she wrapped up her final season with the team.  

And second… Shonni Shimmel.  I mentioned earlier how the Native American community was excited about the WNBA this season, but HOLY CRAP… I didn't realize just how excited until this game.  I haven't felt that much energy in the arena since the 2010 championship run. 

All episodes are viewable here (there's also one more coming).  What was your favorite episode Storm Crazies?  Let me know on twitter

Eye on the Storm

I'm really excited about this Storm season, not only because it's my SIXTH (!!!) season with the team, but also because we're producing a behind-the-scenes documentary series Eye on the Storm, and it's been a ton of fun to produce. 

In the past my work for the Storm has been mostly entertainment and event focused, but this season we're going all-in on the basketball story.  There's a place for the silly skits (and we're still doing a few), but the story of the team, and especially the players, is really what the fans are there to see, so I'm excited to be able to focus on that this season. 

New episodes will air during our broadcast halftimes, and of course on stormbasketball.com and the Storm's youtube channel.  Here's a playlist of all episodes to-date.

Oh, and then there was this...

I didn't prompt her to say that, she brought it up on her own I swear!  She was referring to the Intro Video on opening night.

Storm Playoffs 2012

Whew, even with the Olympics Break this season just flew by...  Storm playoffs are upon us and here's the TV Spot I produced for them.  You should start seeing this on TV in next couple of days!

Busy Busy... cakes & coffee etc.

It's been a crazy past couple of months for me, personally and professionally... hence the lack of updates here and elsewhere.  So I figured it was about time I check in again.  

that's cake... all of it.Allrecipes has been going gangbusters with the videos this year... in the past couple of months, I've produced a series of 6 "how to brew coffee" videos (here's How to Brew French Press), as well as 45 (!!) "how to decorate cake" videos (see pic at right), which are still in progress.  I also started work on "Welcome World Cuisine," an international foods web series (the pilot is below), and shot a 3 episode reality style mini-series... both of those will probably get their own posts at some point, so stay tuned. 

Storm season is also just about to get underway.  Media Day is this coming Wednesday and our first game is May 18.  So basically I'm coming out of the busiest couple months I've ever had, and heading into what's usually my 'busy season!'  here we go!! 

Sue Bird Racing - Best On Field Promotion!

The Seattle Storm's Sue Bird Racing just won GameOps.com's Best On Field Promotion Award for 2011! File this under awards I didn't know existed but are still really nice to get! 

Props to Matt Heuer who dreamed this whole thing up.  Here's what ESPN-W had to say about our work this past season;

The crowd has plenty of reasons to stick around, many of them uncommonly creative. There's Sue Bird Racing, where contestants step into ostrich mascot costumes and have to make layups before returning to squat on their "nest" of basketballs.

There's a trivia contest video of a famous movie, except with a Storm player inserted into the scene. This night's was "The Sandlot," with Bird uttering the familiar line: "You're killing me, Smalls."

"I can't believe he gets the players to do some of the things they do," Storm CEO Karen Bryant said of game operations whiz Matt Heuer, 29.

With the financial future of many WNBA teams still uncertain, it's time to get creative to get people in to the arena.  The Storm is really making the right moves by taking chances with things like Sue Bird Racing and other in-game video series' that help create buzz around the games, and the team. 

And check out the end of this bloopers reel to see the players' reactions to putting on the bird suits... it took probably 10-15 minutes before we could get everyone to quit laughing and start shooting.

My Top 3 Videos of Storm Season 2011

Storm season came to a sudden end a couple weeks back.  The season went by fast and ended fast, so I figured I should take a second to highlight my favorite videos of the sesaon for 2011.  None made the splash that Brian Aglers "Stanky Legg" did last season, but it was a fun season nonetheless.

#3 - Swin Cash Grab - Fans and players all like Sue Bird Racing, but from a video perspective, my favorite of the mini-games is definitely Swin Cash Grab... in no small part thanks to Swin Cash, who may be more natural on camera then anyone I've ever worked with. 

#2 - Sue Bird and Swin Cash Reflect on 9/11 -  I put this video together for the KONG broadcast of our last game of the regular season on 9/11/11.  It was a nice change of pace to be able to step outside of sports for a minute and be part of the larger national conversation about what the 10th anniversary of 9/11 means to people.

#1 - Playoff Intro Video - The playoff intro video almost always ends up being my favorite video of the year.  It's the kind of video you only get to make working for professional sports.  The over the top seriousness and intensity woud be, well, over the top in any other context.  Also, this was my first stab at rotoscoping.  I'm glad I learned how to do it, but at 6+ hours PER SHOT for the opening sequence, I'm not exactly eager to do it again.