Game Day with Swin Cash

This is is is a behind the scenes look at a game day with 2009 All Star Game MVP Swin Cash.  It's kind of ironic that the first line is "I'll always be an East Coast girl..." seeing as she just won the All Star MVP award playing for the WEST!  We shot this at the June 26th game vs LA, Erik and I rode with Swin to the game while interviewing her.  It was a really short ride, so we didn't get nearly as much interview time as we would've liked but we got enough.  We also had a boom mic with us for this game, so we were able to get some good audio from Coach Agler in during timeouts and some other on-court audio from the players.  I didn't end up using that much of it here, but I'm sure I'll be using it in other videos in the future. (Go to youtube to watch it in HD... or at least what youtube considers HD)

Some behind the scenes photos of our behind the scenes video shoot - photos by Neilson Eney