I Love My Bike Book video for CHS

Saw Justin (CHS Publisher) post a tweet about this I Love My Bike photo session at around 2pm on Friday.  I was down there shooting by 3, back home editing by 5, and had the video published by later that evening. One thing I'm trying to get better at is being able to throw videos like this together quickly, which is necessary for journalism, and also to lower the cost for the many small businesses that are starting to produce video.

It's definitely a bit harder with my EX1 to just run out and start shooting than it was with my Panasonic DVX.  Focus and exposure both take a bit longer to get just right than with the DVX.  But I've found that with HD, color correcting seems to be much more forgiving.  In a couple of shots here I thought the sky was totally blown out, but after color correction I was able to bring back some of the detail and even a bit of color.  With the DVX footage, if it looked blown out it was blown out, there was usually no salvaging it.

I also now know to be more careful about the shotgun mic dipping into the shot when using the wide angle lens. duh.