2010 WNBA Champions!!

We Won!  I spent the day yesterday editing videos for our Victory Celebration at KeyArena.  The whole day was kind of a surreal experience.  I spent all day slogging through the videos ... I had to put together 3 videos to ReCap the entire season, and I had one afternoon to do it.  Towards the end it was definitely feeling like a chore.  Honestly, I just wanted to get the day over with so I could get some rest after weeks of non-stop work. 

I got to KeyArena, loaded the videos, and then walked outside and was (for some reason) surprised to see the sea of people waiting in the rain for the parade and celebration.  After spending the day in the nearly empty Storm office with a couple of stressed out and hung over Storm staffers, it was just such a sudden shift to all of a sudden be surrounded by a mob of excited fans.  I don't know how many people were at the parade, but we estimated there were around 5,000 in the arena for the celebration afterwards.  Watching those videos with the players & fans in KeyArena, and having it capped off with a huge confetti drop was one of the best moments of my professional life thus far.   By the time it was over I was completely energized and could've kept going for hours, which I did, at the after parties.

I also found out (after the fact) that the videos were being broadcast live on Northwest Cable News, along with the rest of the ceremony.  So the trend continues... where the videos I spend the least amount of time on get the most attention! Here's their broadcast... which is really just a straight feed of what we had showing live on the jumbotron.

From Left to Right; On-Court Entertainment MC Shellie Hart, Storm Staffers Matt Heuer & Shannon Burley, and Me.