Cook it Forward

McCormick and teamed up to create a short video series promoting McCormick's new line of Gourmet Seasoning Mixes, and they brought me in to produce them.  It's a reality/ documentary style series called Cook it Forward featuring Allrecipes members, each of whom tries out one of the recipe packets and then teaches the recipe to another member. 

It's always a little hit or miss working with non-professional talent, but the ladies all did great and it was a fun 3 days of shooting.  Below is episode 3 out of 3.  Episode 1 can be found here, and Episode 2 here.  And below are some photos from the shoot, courtesty of Valerie Brunmeier one of the stars of episodes 2 & 3, and a food blogger at Valerie's Kitchen.

We shot these on a pair of Sony EX1's.  Me on the left, Erik Dinnel on the right. 

Our two rock star food stylists, Jean and Bridget.

Someone's gotta eat it.