Allrecipes Menu Planner


One of my more recent (web) TV show obsessions is House of Cards.  I was always really intrigued by how they displayed text messages on-screen, and it got me thinking about how I could incorporate that kind of thing into a project.  Allrecipes came to me shortly after with a need for a promo video for their Menu Planner web-app... so I worked up this concept, and there was my chance to do it. 

Big thanks to Jen Chiu, who will no-doubt be a famous food show host soon (you should watch her web series Roll with Jen here... it's great)  also Aaron Gapanoff who did all the graphics, Erik Dinnel (DP), Stuart Kenney (Art Department), and Tim Brennecke (PA). 

Allrecipes / Herdez

I shot a new series of videos for recently, this time in partnership with Herdez Brand, featuring their Mexican Cooking Sauces that they're just introducing.  Allrecipes brought in one of their users, Diana, who I worked with once before on an episode of What's Cooking, and she did a great job... better than many on-camera professionals I've worked with actually!

I didn't get to shoot in the kitchen that I really wanted to... but we ended up in the community kitchen of an apartment building on First Hill and it worked out great.  Here's the Enchiladas video...


And also... they exist!  I saw them at QFC last week:

The team after the shoot.

Welcome World Cuisine

For the past year or so Erik Dinnel and I have been producing a show for, called Welcome World Cuisine

Allrecipes built its business on step-by-step recipe instructions, while my thinking has always been to tell a good story first and worry about the details second.  I think with this series we were able to combine the two in a way that really works.  If you want the step-by-step recipe instructions, they're there, but if you want to just enjoy these videos for the story and for the "food porn," that's there too.

Up until now Allrecipes has been posting these to a dedicated page on their website, but they just started releasing them on youtube so I figured I'd share a couple of my favorites here.  

First is Pork Dumplings, from Liana's Cafe House in the International District.  You can buy these dumplings frozen, by the bag, and I highly recommend doing so!

And then here's Pho with Eric Banh of BaBar.  Eric was a realy interesting guy and we got two really good videos out of him (we also did Vermicelli Bowl).

You can find the rest of them on youtube here (they're saved as a playlist on allrecipes' main account).  They've posted 10 so far, and I'd imagine they'll be releasing more in the near future. 

Cook it Forward

McCormick and teamed up to create a short video series promoting McCormick's new line of Gourmet Seasoning Mixes, and they brought me in to produce them.  It's a reality/ documentary style series called Cook it Forward featuring Allrecipes members, each of whom tries out one of the recipe packets and then teaches the recipe to another member. 

It's always a little hit or miss working with non-professional talent, but the ladies all did great and it was a fun 3 days of shooting.  Below is episode 3 out of 3.  Episode 1 can be found here, and Episode 2 here.  And below are some photos from the shoot, courtesty of Valerie Brunmeier one of the stars of episodes 2 & 3, and a food blogger at Valerie's Kitchen.

We shot these on a pair of Sony EX1's.  Me on the left, Erik Dinnel on the right. 

Our two rock star food stylists, Jean and Bridget.

Someone's gotta eat it.

Busy Busy... cakes & coffee etc.

It's been a crazy past couple of months for me, personally and professionally... hence the lack of updates here and elsewhere.  So I figured it was about time I check in again.  

that's cake... all of it.Allrecipes has been going gangbusters with the videos this year... in the past couple of months, I've produced a series of 6 "how to brew coffee" videos (here's How to Brew French Press), as well as 45 (!!) "how to decorate cake" videos (see pic at right), which are still in progress.  I also started work on "Welcome World Cuisine," an international foods web series (the pilot is below), and shot a 3 episode reality style mini-series... both of those will probably get their own posts at some point, so stay tuned. 

Storm season is also just about to get underway.  Media Day is this coming Wednesday and our first game is May 18.  So basically I'm coming out of the busiest couple months I've ever had, and heading into what's usually my 'busy season!'  here we go!! 

3 new videos

Been fairly busy lately.  Here's what I've been up to...

Allrecipes: The weekly web series that had me traveling the country is on hold for the moment, while Allrecipes focuses on developing some new shows.  One of those shows is Shortcut Cooking, which I'm directing and editing for them out of the Allrecipes kitchen.  The Allrecipes kitchen, by the way, is right above Westlake Plaza, so the Occupy Seattle protests caused us some problems on these shoots. 

Blue Nile: On Veterans Day this year, Blue Nile help Veteran Timothy Strobel propose to his girlfriend on live TV, in the middle of Times Square.  If you happened to be watching Fox News (...sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little) at the time, you may have seen it.  I edited this video for them.


Shellie Hart: I grew up listening to Shellie Hart on KUBE 93's old school lunch, then got to know her through the Seattle Storm, so I was more than happy to help her put together a reel of her best on screen moments.

Two Videos From Kanose/ Tsugawa, Japan

well I'm back in Seattle now, 2 weeks early but just in time, it sounds like.  Here's a couple of videos I took. This first one is from the two days prior to the earthquake... just some footage from around the little town I was staying in. 

The second is behind the scenes from an all day shoot at a little izakaya in Tsugawa, the day after the earthquake.  We shot 7 Allrecipes How-To videos in a long 13 hour day... shooting on my friend Erik's Nikon D7000. The shot of the TV shows all the areas of Japan with tsunami warnings in effect.  At this point we didn't really grasp how bad the disaster was or how bad it would become, but it was still pretty surreal doing this whole shoot with video of the disaster just 100 or so miles away playing in the background the whole time.  

We came pretty close to canceling the shoot and driving to the coast but decided against it at the last minute.  At the time I really wanted to cancel the shoot, but in retrospect I'm glad we didn't.  It ended up being a really good shoot and was probably the best day of what ended up being my short trip to Japan.  Who knows what would've happened if we had driven out to Sendai as we were contemplating...

More Japan posts to come, probably spaced out over the next week or so.