W Seattle Architecture Tour

I'm really excited to show off my first video for a new client, The W Seattle hotel.  A big thank you to Lissa Gruman of Gruman & Nicoll who pulled the whole project together.  Here's a bit of background from their blog post on the video;

W Seattle has one of the most impressive urban chic interiors in the city. That’s not just our opinion, it’s that of the International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, which recently named W Seattle’s Living Room and bar as the best designed bar in the Americas.

It makes my job a lot easier shooting in a place like W, where everything is so well designed and photogenic to begin with.  I love how the chess board looks with the light coming through it in Jeff's interview; not every hotel would have a chess board like that just sitting in their rooms waiting to be used as a prop! 

Also thanks to Rachel Gallaher of Gray Magazine who did a great job in her first hosting gig, and Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture for going above and beyond with the set design ;)