State of the Hill 2014

If you know me at all you probably know that I'm kind of obsessed with my neighborhood, Capitol Hill.  Pretty much my entire life happens along either Pike, Pine or Broadway on the hill.  So I was excited to be the official videographer for the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce's "State of the Hill" event a couple weeks ago.  The video I produced is below, and the full State of the Hill address is up on the chambers' website. 

2014-02-20 17.04.02.jpg

W Seattle Architecture Tour

I'm really excited to show off my first video for a new client, The W Seattle hotel.  A big thank you to Lissa Gruman of Gruman & Nicoll who pulled the whole project together.  Here's a bit of background from their blog post on the video;

W Seattle has one of the most impressive urban chic interiors in the city. That’s not just our opinion, it’s that of the International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, which recently named W Seattle’s Living Room and bar as the best designed bar in the Americas.

It makes my job a lot easier shooting in a place like W, where everything is so well designed and photogenic to begin with.  I love how the chess board looks with the light coming through it in Jeff's interview; not every hotel would have a chess board like that just sitting in their rooms waiting to be used as a prop! 

Also thanks to Rachel Gallaher of Gray Magazine who did a great job in her first hosting gig, and Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture for going above and beyond with the set design ;)

New Lens!

Went out and got myself a new lens today, the Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro (thanks Glazers!).  So expect to see some even closer close-ups in my next food video.  Here are a couple of test snaps.  First one is a side by side comparison of how tight I could get with my new lens vs my old standby lens, which is a 24-105.

 And a close-up of one of my couch cushions.

UW Legends game with 3PT

My first few seasons with the Sonics / Storm, I worked in the video control room at KeyArena... and one thing I can say for sure is that for a non sports-fan like myself, being on headset during a basketball game makes the game a thousand times more entertaining.  Behind the scenes it's controlled chaos, there are so many things going on at once; everyone is yelling at eachother and cracking jokes all at the same time and yet somehow it (usually) all comes together at the last minute and the show goes on without a hitch. 

I always thought it would be fun to document the whole process in video... so when my brother and two colleague / friends of his started their own sports entertainment production company, 3 Point Productions, I finally got the chance to do it. 


I've been working on a series of client testimonial videos for Limeade, a startup in Bellevue that helps businesses design and implement wellness programs for their employees. 

The first two videos are up, and are featured front and center on the homepage!  They feature Limeade clients Swedish Medical Center and Jamba Juice.

I love the way the backdrop for the two Swedish Interviews turned out, looking out from one of the "twin toasters." It looks so Seattle with the towers and freeway ramps poking through the trees.



Patrón Secret Dining Society

This was a really fun one to shoot. I was hired to document Seattle's Patrón Secret Dining Society Dinner, which featured Chefs Holly Smith and Ben Closson of Cafe Juanita, and mixologist Mark Sexauer of Artussi creating a six course dinner that revolved around Patrón Cocktails.

This was my first shoot with a new camera... I finally jumped on the DSLR bandwagon and got a Canon 5D Mark III. Here it is all set up and ready to shoot at Cafe Juanita.