Welcome World Cuisine

For the past year or so Erik Dinnel and I have been producing a show for Allrecipes.com, called Welcome World Cuisine

Allrecipes built its business on step-by-step recipe instructions, while my thinking has always been to tell a good story first and worry about the details second.  I think with this series we were able to combine the two in a way that really works.  If you want the step-by-step recipe instructions, they're there, but if you want to just enjoy these videos for the story and for the "food porn," that's there too.

Up until now Allrecipes has been posting these to a dedicated page on their website, but they just started releasing them on youtube so I figured I'd share a couple of my favorites here.  

First is Pork Dumplings, from Liana's Cafe House in the International District.  You can buy these dumplings frozen, by the bag, and I highly recommend doing so!

And then here's Pho with Eric Banh of BaBar.  Eric was a realy interesting guy and we got two really good videos out of him (we also did Vermicelli Bowl).

You can find the rest of them on youtube here (they're saved as a playlist on allrecipes' main account).  They've posted 10 so far, and I'd imagine they'll be releasing more in the near future.