Top 3 Storm Videos of 2014

This was definitely a big year of change at the Storm, my sixth season producing all their video content.  But as always it went by in a flash and now it's over!  Here are my three favorite videos from the season.  

#3 - Community Practice at the Nisqually Youth Center

Usually these event recap videos don't get anywhere near my top videos of the year list… but this one was different.  There was so much excitement in the gym that everyone there was instantly in a good mood, and it was cool to see so much excitement about the WNBA from the Native American community... more on that below.

#2 - #stormselfie

Not much to say about this one… it was just fun.  

#1 - Eye on the Storm: An Incredible Journey

This series got it's own post at the start of the season, so read that for some background.  But this episode, "An Incredible Journey," was my favorite for a couple reasons.  First was Karen Bryant.  The Storm is about so many more things than just basketball and that's mostly attributable to Karen Bryant, so I was really glad I could help her tell her story as she wrapped up her final season with the team.  

And second… Shonni Shimmel.  I mentioned earlier how the Native American community was excited about the WNBA this season, but HOLY CRAP… I didn't realize just how excited until this game.  I haven't felt that much energy in the arena since the 2010 championship run. 

All episodes are viewable here (there's also one more coming).  What was your favorite episode Storm Crazies?  Let me know on twitter