The Journey - Seattle Storm 2018

It’s such a privilege to be along for the ride with the Seattle Storm. This is my second championship season - but the first one that I feel like I “earned” somehow, since I’ve been here watching and helping tell their stories as the team came together over the past few years.

The recap documentary below is mostly made up of content that we shot and released in little chunks throughout the season - online and in the TV broadcasts. But then in the two days between returning from Washington (where I shot the Game 3 of the finals), and the championship parade/ rally on Sunday, I shot the final interviews with the team, wrote the script, and edited it in to the form you see here.

Seattle BOOM

I was walking around downtown Seattle one day last week and was blown away by the amount of construction going on.  It was kind of a eerie feeling, seeing huge chunks of the city being wiped out rebuilt, so I wanted to capture that feeling and show the scale of the changes taking place.  


UPDATE 12/12/16 - Whoa!  This video did reasonably well on twitter, with 25 RTs, but it really took on a life of its own on Facebook.  6 days after posting it has gotten 770 shares and been viewed 70,000 times! 

Empty Chair Screening

My Empty Chair short film is screening alongside Greg Chaney's feature documentary at the Japanese American National Museum.  For more info, or to RSVP, click HERE

Update: Here I am on stage during the Q&A with Filmmaker Greg Chaney along with Mary Abo & Alice Hikido.

Top 3 Storm Videos - 2015

Another season come and gone - This was definitely an interesting one, with lots of new energy both on the court and behind the scenes.  Here are a few of my favorite videos from the season --

Eye on the Storm - Episode 5: A Rookie Finds Her Footing  

In one of many firsts for the season, I finally got a player out in the real world for a shoot!  We took Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis out to Greenlake Park with Assistant Coach Ryan Webb, at sunset of course.  Thank you to Andre Mascarenhas for the drone shots. 

Between Two Birds - Episode 2: Ramu Tokashiki

More of that new energy I was talking about... Ramu Tokashiki was a ton of fun despite not speaking any English.  And big props to Matt Heuer of 3 Point Productions who was the mastermind of Between Two Birds, and to Sue Bird for taking the concept and running with it! Who knew she had such great comedic timing (well, we all did).   

Raise Your Voice - Jennifer Hopper

This is far from your typical sports narrative... but it was a powerful story that I was honored to help tell.  And it was pretty cool that it all tied back in with one of my favorite Storm memories, the come from behind with vs LA in the 2009 playoffs. 

I'm in Inc.!

I'm super excited to have been featured on Inc Magazine's website recently, in this feature by Minda Zetlin on "how to create promotional videos that people actually want to watch"!  

All of these tips are things I think about and encourage my clients to do all the time, but I've never really stopped and wrote out in a concrete way like this.  So working on this was actually really helpful and eye-opening for me.  Hope you get something out of it too!  Big thanks to Minda Zetlin for the great article, and my friend and publicist Sabrina Dax for making it all happen. 


Seattle Storm season 2015 is underway, and it's shaping up to be a pretty fun season. We have a really young team, a new coach and lots of interesting personalities.  Notably we have Ramu Tokashiki, a rookie out a Japan who is kind of like our own Ichiro.  The Japanese media that come to cover her more than doubles the number of media that show up to our games.  

Ramu Tokashiki talking to the (mostly) Japanese media. 

I am producing our behind the scene's series Eye on the Storm again this season... here is the preview that ran for episode 1. Watch the full episode here

And here's the intro video that plays before tip-off.  I finally got to do a shoot with the players on the court, which I've been trying to do for years!   A bunch of the shots are in here; 

Thoughts on Book Trailers

With video becoming more and more accessible (read: cheaper to produce at high quality) we're seeing videos creep in to more and more product categories, and the publishing industry is no exception. Book trailers are becoming common, even as authors like Jonathan Franzen express their "profound discomfort" at doing them. 

A wide range of videos are lumped together into the category of "Book Trailer"... anything from the author droning into a webcam  to a full on movie-style production.  But my favorites are the ones that blend the two. 

The joy of reading is all about transporting yourself into the world of the story, so blending the world of the author with the world of the book seems the perfect combination for this genre.  We can give a taste of the world of the story without literally re-creating any scenes or characters from the book, addressing the concern that some have with book trailers; that by they cheapen the experience of reading by removing the story from the realm of imagination.  

Here's a book trailer that I produced, that straddles that line.  It's for A Sudden Light by best selling author Garth Stein.