3 new videos

Been fairly busy lately.  Here's what I've been up to...

Allrecipes: The weekly web series that had me traveling the country is on hold for the moment, while Allrecipes focuses on developing some new shows.  One of those shows is Shortcut Cooking, which I'm directing and editing for them out of the Allrecipes kitchen.  The Allrecipes kitchen, by the way, is right above Westlake Plaza, so the Occupy Seattle protests caused us some problems on these shoots. 

Blue Nile: On Veterans Day this year, Blue Nile help Veteran Timothy Strobel propose to his girlfriend on live TV, in the middle of Times Square.  If you happened to be watching Fox News (...sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little) at the time, you may have seen it.  I edited this video for them.


Shellie Hart: I grew up listening to Shellie Hart on KUBE 93's old school lunch, then got to know her through the Seattle Storm, so I was more than happy to help her put together a reel of her best on screen moments.

Blue Nile - Are You Man Enough?

I had a fun shoot for Seattle based online-jeweler Blue Nile a couple weeks back and here is the result!  Visit their facebook page for more on the contest.  

And a big thank you to Sam Kellet, who did a great job as our host character.  I bet you didn't expect to get called back to Seattle for acting gigs when you ran off to LA did you Sam?!  I worked with Sam on this mockmentary a couple years ago and thought of him immediately after reading this script.