Japan Nov. 2012

I took a trip to Japan with my grandparents this past November and shot a bunch of video while I was there.  I decided not to take in to account the internet's lack of attention span while editing this one, so it clocks in at a whopping 10 minutes.  SHOCKING, I know... but I didn't make this one for you, internet, I made it for myself.

I start off in Tokyo, then head to the small mountain town of Agamachi where I have a couple friends, then back to Tokyo, and then finally to Kyoto.  


Grimes - Genesis

Stephen Swartz - Bullettrain

Air - Alone in Kyoto

Nuclear Protest

Came across this sign in Tsugawa, the small town I was staying in, in Japan.  It says something to the effect of "tell America to abolish nuclear weapons!"  At first I just thought it was interesting that in a such a small town, in a country where people really don't protest or voice their political opinions much, this poster was there.  But now after Fukushima, you have to wonder if they wish they had directed their protests closer to home.


Two Videos From Kanose/ Tsugawa, Japan

well I'm back in Seattle now, 2 weeks early but just in time, it sounds like.  Here's a couple of videos I took. This first one is from the two days prior to the earthquake... just some footage from around the little town I was staying in. 

The second is behind the scenes from an all day shoot at a little izakaya in Tsugawa, the day after the earthquake.  We shot 7 Allrecipes How-To videos in a long 13 hour day... shooting on my friend Erik's Nikon D7000. The shot of the TV shows all the areas of Japan with tsunami warnings in effect.  At this point we didn't really grasp how bad the disaster was or how bad it would become, but it was still pretty surreal doing this whole shoot with video of the disaster just 100 or so miles away playing in the background the whole time.  

We came pretty close to canceling the shoot and driving to the coast but decided against it at the last minute.  At the time I really wanted to cancel the shoot, but in retrospect I'm glad we didn't.  It ended up being a really good shoot and was probably the best day of what ended up being my short trip to Japan.  Who knows what would've happened if we had driven out to Sendai as we were contemplating...

More Japan posts to come, probably spaced out over the next week or so.

Off to Japan

Sorry for neglecting you blog. I rarely update you but I figured I should today since I'm heading off on a month long trip to Japan... I'll be splitting my time between Tokyo, Kyoto, Niigata and wherever else I decide to make a detour to. I guess you can call it a perk of freelancing that I can take off for a month to Japan without having to take "time off." I'll be editing episodes of What's Cooking from over there (the show must go on!), and I'll also be shooting some How Tos on Japanese Cooking for Allrecipes. I might be posting pictures/ updates on here over the next month, but I'll be updating twitter and facebook a lot more so follow me on one or both of those too.

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