Storm Opening Night

Photo by Neilson Eney Photo by Neilson Eney

One of the strange things about making videos for the Storm, is that we rarely get any feedback from the fans.  It's not as bad with the Storm as it was with the Sonics, but it's always hard to tell how much of the crowd actually pays attention to the time-out videos, plus I'm working in the video booth for the whole game, so I can't even see the crowd react.  But it turns out at least some of the fans pay attention to the videos, and they talk about them on

The opening video was touching, but not crowd pumping. I think it was just some sort of cinematic orchestral piece. The graphics looked really good on it though. It starts on the light on the top of the Space Needle (possibly from the logo), the red bleeds out and flys into the KeyArena logo. then it goes inside the Key to the court with some pillars and a huge torch like thing. Around the torch are revolving screens that show memorable moments in Storm history. The announcement by Ginger Ackerley, the drafting of Sue and Lauren, the championship, the purchase by Force 10 and then a bit about last season and the incredible home record. Then a 2009 drops down, pulses and explodes. Behind the explosion is our starting 5 (or there abouts since I think the starting 5 will be changing up from time to time). So that was the opening video and you can see why most people do storyboards. I'm sure my explanation doesn't make a ton of sense. I'll be curious to see if that's always the opening video. It looked expensive to produce so I would guess yes. But it also wasn't a clap-along type of piece.

That is a freakishly accurate description of our intro video... they remember all that after one viewing? (the graphics in the intro video are by Lars Simkins AKA, AAD Productions)

Jumbotron opening made me tear up.  That's our history people and I'm proud of it.

At least we got one of them!

I am not sure if that is the season long piece...we shall see.  I took good notes, but it is late so I will write tomorrow.

They take notes!!!

They aired Part 1 of a 6 part video series on the history of the Storm.  It was an interview with Karen Bryant about the founding of the franchise and covered a lot of Lin Dunn doing what Lin did best.  Loud applause for both Lin and Kamilla as the first player on the franchise.

Some of these videos will be online soon, I'll update once they are.  And thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!  let me know what you like, don't like, and want to see more of.