First Footage with the EX1

Took me a while but I've finally got some footage up from my new Sony EX1.  The first was from the very first night I had the camera, just me harassing my girlfriend while she made some vegi soup.  (Make sure to watch it full screen if your computer can handle it!)

This one is a video I shot on Friday up in Bellingham for artist Ben Mann.  All the stuff with the clients picking up the chandelier was with a wide angle adapter. (this one was compressed down to standard def before uploading)

So far I'm loving the EX1.  Picture looks great and the camera itself has been pretty straightforward to learn so far.  It's definitely heavier than my old Panasonic DVX, I was feeling it in my arms by the end of the Ben Mann shoot.  The best part is not having to deal with tapes, I just slide the Memory Stick directly into my laptop and capture via Final Cut Pro.  So much simpler and faster.

More to come, I still haven't done much to test the variable frame rates and record modes so that'll be next.