Old GP Bellingham Picture

Probably no one who reads my blog* will find this interesting, but I found this cool hand colored picture of the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber company today while I was doing some furniture shopping in my neighborhood.  PSP&TC in Bellingham was eventually bought by Georgia Pacific, and I produced an oral history documentary "Smells Like Money" about the history of the plant, back in college. 

Here's the picture, which is currently for sale at Area 51... for only $495!  And if you're interested, the DVD of "Smells Like Money" is for sale at Village Books in Bellingham for a much more affordable $15.

*does anyone read my blog?

Big Box Ban in Bellingham

I just got a youtube message bringing to my attention the fact that Bellingham is considering partially lifting it's ban on Big Box stores.  I think it'd be too bad if they reversed themselves so quickly after creating the ban, but at least it wouldn't be lifted without conditions.  I made this video in 2007 when the ban was first put in place, but wanted to re-surface it now that the topic is up for debate again...  I was doing videography for the city council meetings on BTV10 at the time so I watched the whole debate unfold in excrutiating detail.  Believe it or not I actually found that job really interesting (most of the time) and would jump at the chance to do it again... call me Seattle Channel! 

Kung Fu Joe on DVD

Kung Fu Joe, a feature film I co-edited and helped shoot a couple years ago is finally available on DVD!  It was directed by Glen Berry, the head of the NW Film School in Bellingham (which I attended).  We shot the movie in about 2 weeks back in '08, at various locations around Bellingham.  I was assistant camera on the shoot, and then edited it along with Glen.

KFJ is an action comedy that's chock full of references to classic movies.  I'll be honest... I don't think I've seen a lot of the movies that it references, but it's funny anyways.  So if you're a film buff, or just want to support local filmmaking... check out KUNG FU JOE!

First Footage with the EX1

Took me a while but I've finally got some footage up from my new Sony EX1.  The first was from the very first night I had the camera, just me harassing my girlfriend while she made some vegi soup.  (Make sure to watch it full screen if your computer can handle it!)

This one is a video I shot on Friday up in Bellingham for artist Ben Mann.  All the stuff with the clients picking up the chandelier was with a wide angle adapter. (this one was compressed down to standard def before uploading)

So far I'm loving the EX1.  Picture looks great and the camera itself has been pretty straightforward to learn so far.  It's definitely heavier than my old Panasonic DVX, I was feeling it in my arms by the end of the Ben Mann shoot.  The best part is not having to deal with tapes, I just slide the Memory Stick directly into my laptop and capture via Final Cut Pro.  So much simpler and faster.

More to come, I still haven't done much to test the variable frame rates and record modes so that'll be next.


Ben Mann Time Lapse

I went up to Bellingham yesterday to shoot a time lapse video for artist Ben Mann. If you live in Bellingham, you've seen Ben's work, it's EVERYWHERE. Mambo Italiano, Little Cheerful, Mallards... This is the first time I've done a time lapse this long and I think it turned out pretty good. I plugged the camera into the computer and just captured directly to the hard drive instead of recording to tape.  So I didn't have to worry about switching tapes every hour and didn't have to put all that wear on the heads.  The painting took about 4 hours. Ben Mann - Performance Art (Time Lapse) from ben mann on Vimeo. One of the first videos that I made as a "professional" (i'm using the term very loosely here) was for Ben back in 2005-ish, while I was a student at Western. You can see it after the jump. I shot in on my parents' 8mm camcorder, with no external mic, no lights and no idea what I was doing. It's a miracle that it turned out as well as it did.
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Smells Like Money goes platinum

Smells Like Money DVD Cover Smells Like Money DVD Cover When I was going to school at WWU and the NW Film School (yeah that's a picture of me on the homepage), I produced, shot and edited a documentary called "Smells Like Money: The Story of Bellingham's Georgia Pacific Plant." My goal at the time (2006) was to sell 100 copies of the DVDs.  I just got a check from Village Books, and during the holiday season they sold a whopping 4 copies, which puts me at 102 DVDs sold.  It took me three years, but I did it!
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The Order

shooting The Order in the freezing cold shooting The Order in the freezing cold This isn't new, but here's a link to a trailer for The Order that I worked on a while back up in Bellingham.  It was directed by Lars Simkins, the VFX guy for Handcrank Films up there in bham.  Also check out the top video here, which has some before/ after green screen stuff (at about half way through) so you can see what we actually shot vs. how it looks after Lars worked his magic on it. If you're wondering where you can see the feature, you're out of luck.  We only shot the trailer.
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