I Love My Bike Book

Just over a year ago, I went out and shot this "I Love My Bike Book" video for CHS.  It was completely spur of the moment, I saw Justin's tweet about these guys being down at Cal Anderson so I went down and shot for an hour or so, and then had the video up the same day. 

Since then the video has been all over the place, instead of the usual spike in views for a couple days and then quick drop-off, this one has been pretty consistent over the past year.  I don't know if I'd say it's gone viral but it's definitely made a lot of appearances on various blogs and bike forums and as of today has over 5,000 views. 

Anyways... the Book is out!  I just got my free copy in the mail, and the publisher, San Fransisco's Chronicle Books, is featuring my video.  So go check it out!