How I got rid of a LinkBucks ReDirect

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I haven't touched a PC in years, so I haven't ever really had to worry about viruses and things like that.  But a couple months ago, my browser was highjacked by something that kept redirecting me to a site called LinkBucks, which is just a page with a bunch of spammy links that pays referrers every time they send someone there.  The worst part of it was, I'd google the issue, and then this virus (or whatever it was, I'm not sure it was a virus I guess) would block all virus scanning sites, and even support forums that described how to solve the problem!

I was happy to find and support another one-man business on the hill,  Computer Love , who  helped me out through some of this.

I was happy to find and support another one-man business on the hill, Computer Love, who  helped me out through some of this.

It sounds like this is something a lot of other people are experiencing, so I figured I'd share how I've dealt with the problem.  Without getting in to too much detail -- all you have to do to get rid of the re-direct is clear your browser cache, re-set your browser to default settings, and reset your ROUTER to factory settings.  None of the virus scans ever found anything, because the virus lives in the router (apparently they can do that?!) so that's why you have to reset the router to factory settings.  

One more note: if this problem is happening on one computer, don't connect any others to the wifi network until you've reset it!  Otherwise they'll get it too.  I made that mistake before I realized the router was the issue.  

Seattle PI's Guide to Cord Cutting

Props to Seattlepi for putting together this comprehensive guide to Cord Cutting.  There's been a lot of talk lately about whether cord cutting is really happening or not.  I can't really speak to any national trends but I can say with certainty that the majority of my freinds do not have cable.  I cut the cord over a year ago and have never looked back.

Even with all the new boxes coming out (Boxee Box, Apple TV, Google TV etc...) for me the best way to go is still just a mac mini plugged into my TV.  I like and use Boxee, but there's no way I'm paying $250+ for a box that runs nothing but boxee.

But if takes boxes like these for the mainstream to start getting web video on their TV's, then so be it.  For web-video producers like me, that can't happen soon enough!