Mike McGinn Interview

It was a really exciting and optimistic time when Mike McGinn was elected as the Mayor of Seattle in 2009, with his election following shortly after Obama's swearing in (remember how excited we were about that one?!).

His urbanist positions on density, bike improvements and transit are exactly what we need in Seattle and are what a majority of Seattleites say they support.  So I have never understood why, even in liberal Seattle, so many people become anti-density, anti-bike and anti-transit when it comes time for real-world implementation.  I thought that McGinn's take on this would be interesting to hear, as someone who more than anyone else right now, personifies urbanism in Seattle.

So, yesterday I asked Dominic Holden, the smart and telegenic (a rare combo for journalists in Seattle) News Editor at The Stranger, to interview him on this topic at my studio.  It's still up for debate what form this project will take, because it all came together really quickly (I didn't think he'd say yes when I asked for an interview!).  So stay tuned for updates and let me know if you have any suggestions for relevant articles, interviews, people, ideas, etc that I should be aware of.

Below is a behind the scenes look at the shoot, in the form of a pop-up video.

New Lens!

Went out and got myself a new lens today, the Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro (thanks Glazers!).  So expect to see some even closer close-ups in my next food video.  Here are a couple of test snaps.  First one is a side by side comparison of how tight I could get with my new lens vs my old standby lens, which is a 24-105.

 And a close-up of one of my couch cushions.

Blue Nile - Are You Man Enough?

I had a fun shoot for Seattle based online-jeweler Blue Nile a couple weeks back and here is the result!  Visit their facebook page for more on the contest.  

And a big thank you to Sam Kellet, who did a great job as our host character.  I bet you didn't expect to get called back to Seattle for acting gigs when you ran off to LA did you Sam?!  I worked with Sam on this mockmentary a couple years ago and thought of him immediately after reading this script.

Old GP Bellingham Picture

Probably no one who reads my blog* will find this interesting, but I found this cool hand colored picture of the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber company today while I was doing some furniture shopping in my neighborhood.  PSP&TC in Bellingham was eventually bought by Georgia Pacific, and I produced an oral history documentary "Smells Like Money" about the history of the plant, back in college. 

Here's the picture, which is currently for sale at Area 51... for only $495!  And if you're interested, the DVD of "Smells Like Money" is for sale at Village Books in Bellingham for a much more affordable $15.

*does anyone read my blog?

Kung Fu Joe on DVD

Kung Fu Joe, a feature film I co-edited and helped shoot a couple years ago is finally available on DVD!  It was directed by Glen Berry, the head of the NW Film School in Bellingham (which I attended).  We shot the movie in about 2 weeks back in '08, at various locations around Bellingham.  I was assistant camera on the shoot, and then edited it along with Glen.

KFJ is an action comedy that's chock full of references to classic movies.  I'll be honest... I don't think I've seen a lot of the movies that it references, but it's funny anyways.  So if you're a film buff, or just want to support local filmmaking... check out KUNG FU JOE!

The Order

shooting The Order in the freezing cold shooting The Order in the freezing cold This isn't new, but here's a link to a trailer for The Order that I worked on a while back up in Bellingham.  It was directed by Lars Simkins, the VFX guy for Handcrank Films up there in bham.  Also check out the top video here, which has some before/ after green screen stuff (at about half way through) so you can see what we actually shot vs. how it looks after Lars worked his magic on it. If you're wondering where you can see the feature, you're out of luck.  We only shot the trailer.
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